Pictures of latest projects

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’ve been working on multiple projects at the same time, The galley and stateroom floor is ready for the final coat. The fuel lines and water separating filters are in. The engines and digital throttle and shift have been configured and the engines are ready to run.     … Read More »

Wiring the engines and Hydraulic Pump

The last post showed connecting the hydraulic fluid lines and with that done the next thing to tackle was wiring the engines and pump.     The Mercury Installation diagrams are well done. This is the diagram for this phase. Let’s see if we can make this happen.     Here’s the APC (Automatic Power Switch). The Positive… Read More »

Making custom hydraulic hoses for the steering

The length of the hydraulic lines from the helm to the outboards is around 40′. Finding pre-made hoses of that length was difficult. Luckily Wazoo (My Boss) knows Steve Bouthot from PRC Industrial Supply in Portland Maine and he provided me with the 1/4″ and 3/8″ hydraulic hose on a roll and the stainless steel fittings so I could… Read More »

Hydraulic Power Steering Update

This is not the most exciting post. But I know there are millions of you waiting for some sort of signs of life from the crew of the “Must Be Nice”. The steering for the outboards is hydraulic with a power steering pump. The length of the run from the helm to the transom is 35 feet plus… Read More »

So… Is it going in this year?

So… Is it going in this year? When’s the launch? Those are question we hear a lot. We have been working at it whenever time and health allows. We do have the engines and I am working on the rigging and controls. Have a look at some of this past year’s projects.   I am working on trying… Read More »

I don’t know if 10 years is enough time.

  Susan and I have had quite a year. Last October we were supposed to close on the sale of our house when we found out that we had no legal access to our property. 25 years ago we transferred some of our land to the United States Department of the Interior for the Rachel Carson Preserve. Somehow… Read More »

Coming out of hibernation

OMG it has been quite a winter here in Maine. Instead of working on the boat I spent all my time shoveling, snow blowing and hauling firewood. I am so thankful we got the boat inside before the onslaught began. The storms just kept coming and it was cold. I can’t remember a winter when I heard of… Read More »

No more shoveling! The boat is inside.

The storage building here at Southern Maine Marine is ready and not a moment too soon. We got 22″ of snow and thankfully the boat was moved inside before the storm. So nice to be out of the wind and under cover. I have been able to heat with a small electric heater whereas outside I would have… Read More »

Second coat of Primer in the berth

January 17, 2015. 17 degrees. Boat outside. Sunny. Wind blowing like hell. I’m a happy man. Wado

Houseboat Vanity and sink fabrication

This week I have been working on fabricating the head vanity and installing the sink. We are again using recycled wood and this batch again comes from a discarded old door amongst other pieces our carpenter buddies drop off from their renovations. I got together with Susan and we decided to put the sink all the way over… Read More »