Pictures from the mooring

We launched at the end of April and here it is already the middle of July. These are just a bunch of photos from the the mooring and a couple from the inside “The Pool”.

What the hell is a “Bomb Cyclone”?

We used to call these things storms. Now they are a “Bomb Cyclone”? That sounds a much more dramatic than a Storm I must say. I think weather forecasters and News programs are always trying to grab our attention so they coin new phrases to rattle the public. It sells more advertising and keeps people glued to their… Read More »

January 4th Blizzard Videos

Here’s Biddeford Pool, Maine at high tide today. I understand that Portland recorded a tide of13.79′. 3rd highest recorded. It’s a wicked storm. I think Hurricane Sandy had a Barometric Pressure reading similar to what the eye of this one has. 952hPa is Low! The 1900 Hurricane that wiped out Galveston Texas had a low reading of 936hPa.… Read More »

GarageBand-it Strikes Again…. “Take it Day by Day”

I used to have real instruments but because I’m such a GD idiot I sold them all. I would love to have my keyboards and guitars back so I could record a song with them but I can’t. I have an iPad and I do the best I can with the GarageBand App. The last time I composed a song… Read More »

Back to the Barn

We were hoping to stay in the water until the end of October but unfortunately the arthritis and its associated pain in my left hip got to the point that a hip replacement couldn’t be postponed any longer. I had an injection in June and that bought me some time but that wore off. Our hauler is very… Read More »

Riders on the storm

Sunday September 4th was an opportunity to ride out a decent storm aboard. The wind was coming out of the Southeast right down the open alley between Wood Island and Biddeford Pool’s East Point. Before the storm started I made a run to Marston’s Marina up the Saco River to take on fresh water. It started raining while… Read More »

More Pictures of Restoration

Here are some pictures of some of the work leading up to the launch. Thanks to Triple M Plastics  located in West Kennebunk Maine for the custom-made PVC fuel tanks. Wonderful people and quality fabrication. Click on the pictures for full size. I hope you enjoy. Susie & Wado  

Miracles do happen!

On July 31st, 2017 the Must Be Nice entered the water for the first time since we owned her. Susie and I still can’t believe it and when we sit on our mooring and look out at the harbor and the sunsets we have to keep telling ourselves it’s real. I can’t explain how good it feels.  … Read More »

Pictures of latest projects

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’ve been working on multiple projects at the same time, The galley and stateroom floor is ready for the final coat. The fuel lines and water separating filters are in. The engines and digital throttle and shift have been configured and the engines are ready to run.     … Read More »

Wiring the engines and Hydraulic Pump

The last post showed connecting the hydraulic fluid lines and with that done the next thing to tackle was wiring the engines and pump.     The Mercury Installation diagrams are well done. This is the diagram for this phase. Let’s see if we can make this happen.     Here’s the APC (Automatic Power Switch). The Positive… Read More »