Hydraulic Power Steering Update

By | February 19, 2017

This is not the most exciting post. But I know there are millions of you waiting for some sort of signs of life from the crew of the “Must Be Nice”.

The steering for the outboards is hydraulic with a power steering pump. The length of the run from the helm to the transom is 35 feet plus or minus. There are four lines that need to go that distance. I had always hoped I could use Digital Steering but things didn’t work out that way. I decided I would install a 4″ rigging tube so that the lines would be encased and I would have a clear shot to snake them up to the helm.


Of course getting this tube installed required removing access panels. I’m just glad I have panels I can remove. A lot of boats don’t give you many access options.

Rigging tube at the helm location


Rigging tube running aft from Head access panel

Hydraulic Bulkhead fittings on transom











Access panel under sink in head

The power steering pump is in the middle flanked by the two starting batteries. I still have a bunch of electrical connections to do but I’m going to try to get these hydraulic lines made. Each one is going to be cut and crimped on site.

Hopefully there will be more thrilling action to come.

Hang to the riggins,


2 thoughts on “Hydraulic Power Steering Update

  1. C Stevens

    Your outboards are where the swim platform and ladder normally are. How will you get in and out of the water from the boat?

    1. Wade Post author

      It’s probably tough to see from the pictures but there is a comfortable distance between the outboards and we will put a platform between the transom brackets. At least that’s the current plsn. We may end up with a fireman’s pole and hydraulic hoist. Who knows?? I am open to any suggestions.
      Hang to the Riggins


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