Wiring the engines and Hydraulic Pump

By | May 6, 2017

The last post showed connecting the hydraulic fluid lines and with that done the next thing to tackle was wiring the engines and pump.



The Mercury Installation diagrams are well done. This is the diagram for this phase. Let’s see if we can make this happen.



Here’s the APC (Automatic Power Switch). The Positive is connected and negative have been connected.

You can see the 50 amp Maxifuse right beside the switch,

Next I have to install the power from the batteries to the switch.


In this picture below I now have the APC (Automatic Power Switch) connected to the batteries and I have mounted the Battery Isolators (blue boxes). The feed from the engine alternator connects to one stud and the feed to the battery connects to the other.

In the picture below, the battery switches have been added and the cables have been secured with cable ties.

Next Project will be fuel systems.

Hang to the Riggins,


















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