Riders on the storm

By | September 6, 2017

Sunday September 4th was an opportunity to ride out a decent storm aboard. The wind was coming out of the Southeast right down the open alley between Wood Island and Biddeford Pool’s East Point.

Before the storm started I made a run to Marston’s Marina up the Saco River to take on fresh water. It started raining while I was there. Coming back out the mouth of the river I could see that I was going to have a bumpy ride.

Mouth of the Saco River

Camp Ellis

Basket Island off the Port Bow.

Back on the mooring Looking Biddeford Pool and Hills Beach

Back inside, I am settling in for the night. Susie had to work so I was single handed.
There are still some vessels coming in seeking safe anchorage.

A cruiser comes in to anchor

All in all a great experience.
Hang to the riggins,

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