Coming out of hibernation

By | April 12, 2015

OMG it has been quite a winter here in Maine. Instead of working on the boat I spent all my time shoveling, snow blowing and hauling firewood. I am so thankful we got the boat inside before the onslaught began.

The storms just kept coming and it was cold. I can’t remember a winter when I heard of so many houses in our area with frozen and burst pipes.

So glad we avoided that misfortune.



I did make a little progress on the boat but even with the propane heater it was just too frigging cold. Here’s a look at  some of the work.

Sliding Barn Door for the Head

If any of you have ever looked to purchase sliding barn door hardware you know how expensive it is so I decided to try to make my own. We went to Tractor Supply and found some shackles or pulleys that could be taken apart with the size wheels I wanted. I also bought some flat rolled steel for the straps and the rail.

The door itself we purchased years ago at some recycled building materials store. It’s a solid Yellow pine door that fit just right.








Here’s a look at the door in action.

I also got some finish paint on the head walls. The door is removed to do that.

Hang to the riggins,

4 thoughts on “Coming out of hibernation

  1. robin

    Hello Wado!

    I just wanted you to know I have been thinking about you and your house boat and your house. I hope all is well and you are remaining positive. Maple’s is doing so well, I hired another person to help me in the kitchen. I often think about the cold dark days and remember how happy you were every morning, you were such an encouragement to me and had faith in me. You will always be intertwined with Maples and me. Keep up the cool vibes and know that your spirit lives on in Yarmouth. Much affection, Robin

  2. robin

    Hey Wado,

    This is the only way I know to reach you ~ just wanted you to know I BOUGHT Maple’s. 🙂
    Still doing great up here, business is booming and life is good. Always think of you with fondness, hope all is well in your world and that your houseboat livin’ is all that you hoped it would be.

    Robin from Maples

  3. David McDonald

    You haven’t posted for a while. Did you stop work on the boat or just the Blog?

    1. Wade Post author

      Still working on her. I’ve got engines coming. Been so freaking busy I just keep procrastinating on posting. Now that I know you are interested I’ll make more of an effort.


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