I don’t know if 10 years is enough time.

By | October 30, 2015


Susan and I have had quite a year. Last October we were supposed to close on the sale of our house when we found out that we had no legal access to our property. 25 years ago we transferred some of our land to the United States Department of the Interior for the Rachel Carson Preserve. Somehow our lawyer and the Government’s lawyers failed to include the proper language to allow us to use the private road that goes to the property. Ooops!!!


Our Attorney said “I have never seen anything so f*^%ed up in my 40 years as an attorney.”

Thanks to his persistence we were able to finally get corrective deeds issued after 10 months of review by the Refuge Attorneys. The sale closed in mid August and of course the boat was not done. Our plan had been to finish it over the winter with proceeds from the sale.  I tried to stay productive and had gotten a little done before the sale.

Here’s a look at some of the projects.

Propane Locker
Inside: Room for two tanks and the electric solenoid shut off.

Leakproof bulkhead fittings.

Propane supply hose is inside the plastic conduit.

The Propane Control and Alarm is located beneath the cooktop. 2 sensors are attached.

I got a start on the Branch Panel for the helm. The navigation lights and the exterior foredeck lights have been connected.

So with our last day at the house we built 30 years ago upon us we had a beautiful final afternoon enjoying the view and the bubbles.

We also had a very special visitor. In our 30 years here this was the first bald eagle we ever saw. He landed in the tree across the river and watched us share our final drink. 


We are blessed with some very good friends and we were offered a place to stay in a beautiful cottage overlooking “The Pool” once we actually closed the sale of the house. I grew up less than a mile from this property and it has been over 30 years since I have been lucky enough to wake up to this view. This tidal area is actually part of the Rachel Carson Preserve. Susan and I would sit on the deck with a bottle of Prosecco and watch the amazing sunsets and the clammers or the fisherman depending on the tide.

  1. Put 120v outlet in Head
  2. Install Air Conditioner
  3. Install galley floor
  4. Install beds

I desperately tried to get our VacuFlush toilet working. It had been installed years ago by a professional and I thought it was complete. When I got water in the holding tank and tried it the toilet wouldn’t flush. The service override worked so I new that the motor and mechanism were working but nothing happened when you pushed down on the handle. After many talks with the professionals at Northeast Sanitation the problem was diagnosed as a missing wire from the vacuum pump to the circuit board in the toilet. Our installer had never put this wire in. The flush won’t work until the vacuum pump has reached it’s designed vacuum and has stopped.

So I ran the wire to the circuit board and the toilet is in and working. I ran the wire for the outlet and installed that. Susan and her blow dryer are now very happy!

Once we are in the water we will have a marine Air Conditioner that uses seawater to help cooling but in the meantime I needed to do something to make it livable on land. I removed a window from aft facing windows above the galley and installed this little home unit. It works great.

Now I want to get the galley floor in. I had purchased pine to do this floor back when I did the main salon so I laid it out to see to make sure I had enough.

Now time is flying by and I’m still working a full time job and I can only do this on the weekends and I work every other Saturday for a half a day.

We don’t want to impose on our friend and stay at his cottage for too long so I made a decision to delay the installation of the floor. I went to Home Depot and got some light gray FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) sheeting and laid that down. It cuts off my access to the bilge temporarily so if the shower sump has a problem I’ll have to pull it up.

The nice thing is I will reuse it as the ceiling in the storage area below the main salon when I put the pine floor down.

We were able to spend a few weeks on the boat before it got too cold. We have some good ideas of some changes we want to make before the launch. Susan and I are both insanely in love with the space and it does not feel tiny to us at all.

The gas cooktop is heaven. We have always had electric since we’ve been married (40 years).

The water pressure is good and the hot water heater produces plenty of hot water.

The refrigerator amazes us both. It holds a lot of food and you can see what you have. Things don’t get lost behind one another.

We will add a freezer and maybe a portable ice machine.

The thought of getting this boat out on the water is so exciting. We both believe it will happen and we both realize how lucky we are to be at this point in our lives and have so much adventure to look forward to.

The important thing is we have each other and we love each other so much.

Hang to the riggins,

Wado & Susan

5 thoughts on “I don’t know if 10 years is enough time.

  1. Paul Morin

    I recall spending a few days under that boat. Looking good Wade. Real good.

    1. Wade Post author

      I hope you can make it for the launch party. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

  2. Marysue

    So exciting to be able to watch the progress and I can’t wait to sit on the deck and really celebrate!

    1. Wade Post author

      I don’t have a video of the complete interior. The pictures are in multiple posts so I don’t have them all in one place. I’ll put that on my to do list.


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