Washing machine and dryer install

By | April 9, 2014

One thing that’s nice to have in your home is a washer and dryer. Running to the Laundromat is not my idea of fun. Susan does the laundry and she had said that she wouldn’t mind running the clothes out and back but I hoped we could find a way to install something onboard.
We settled on the Splendide 2100XC. This is a combo unit that vents to the outside and runs on 120 volt AC. Now granted it’s not like the huge machines we have in our home but being able to do wash loads without leaving the boat will certainly be a nice option.

So where to put it? After looking at options down below in the mechanical room we decided that it would be pretty sweet to put it right up in the main salon in the helm.
I know you are laughing right now but guess what? I have stopped trying to please everybody else. If we are good with it that’s all that matters.

How’s that for an attitude?

If it turns out to be a mistake guess what. I’ll be laughing with you. It won’t be my first.
So check it out. Here’s the helm before sawzall:

Here’s the helm after sawzall.

The plumbing has been run and the drain is connected so it’s ready to go. Here’s a shot inside the helm showing some of the plumbing.

As we looked at the helm area we decided we needed to add some contrast. Susan suggested we use some recycled wood we have on hand. She loves a Maine Cottage Style and that’s what we are using as inspiration for the interior.
I took apart an old pallet and door and assembled the pieces.
What do you think?

She liked it and in my world that’s as good as it gets.

Hang to the riggings,

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  1. Jo

    Just stumbled across your blog. Inspiring ren-o! I like the contrast too 🙂


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