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We are Wade and Susan and the plan is to make this boat our Maine Cottage Style home. She was built in 1983 by Carl Gibson. He was somehow connected to the Gibson Houseboat company. If you now the history we would love to be enlightened.

We found it on eBay back in 2006 on Lake Winnapausukie. I figured I could do the restoration in about 4 years. Ha Ha. Funny how in the course of trying to have a life, make a living, stay healthy and rebuild a boat our plans had to evolve and adapt.

We like living in cozy spaces. We built our home 30+ years ago and the original structure was 20′ x 24′ with one bedroom and bath. It grew over the years and as much as we love it the time has come to simplify again.

We will get this boat in the water and we will live on it. That’s still the plan.

Sittin’ pretty on the bow


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. eric

    I stumbled across your bog while doing some research on Sanitred. How is it holding up?

    1. Wade Post author

      The product hasn’t cracked or leaked. It is tough to keep clean and I discovered you can’t use bleach on it. It says that in the documentation but I didn’t remember reading that. I used some bleach in the fresh water tank and it softened up the material. I’m waiting for it to warm up so I can repair it.
      It is very functional. I wish they had a coating that would remain fresh and clean as remarkably as it seals and waterproofs.


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