This is a video we shot way back in 2010. Where does the time went?

This next video is one of the reasons nothing is getting done on the boat.

Boat Ride with Dad and Maxine.

This video is a trip!!! Picked up boat in New Hampshire. I followed the boat hauler (Dayton Marine) and tried to keep up with him. He got it safely to our house and backed down the road without even stopping. Amazing driver.

Door to Head. Made with parts from Tractor Supply and recycled shed door,

Home garage sanding booth. (Super Low Budget) It worked for me.

I wrote and recorded this song with a Mini iPad and GarageBand. Video shot with phone. Edited with Adobe Premiere.

Susan and I discuss the purchase of a 1980’s split level in Maine.

Learning how to make custom hydraulic hoses.

We have Steering.

Outer Harbor Biddeford Pool.

Riders on the Storm.

January 4, 2018 Blizzard. Extreme high tide.

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