End of the year update

  Well I did make a little progress since the last update. We had some decent weather and I was able to get some primer on the starboard side house. It’s a two part epoxy primer. Made by Alex Seal. I applied with a brush and roller. This shot shows the starboard side house before primer. Notice primer… Read More »

All the pictures and videos are back!!!

I finally put some time into connecting the pictures to the new blog location. www.musbenice.com It was a major pain in the bumpkiss I’ll tell you that. Go Daddy was no help after discontinuing there blog hosting service. If you visited awhile ago and the pictures were not there I apologize. We have our house on the market… Read More »

I’m on the floor and I can’t get up!!!

We have some pine flooring from northern Maine provided to us by a great mill who’s name I can’t find right now. We theoretically bought enough for our bedroom and bath in the big house and the houseboat. We love the feel of pine under our feet. It has a softness and warmth that is comforting. It is… Read More »

Barrier Coat applied

  I had the bottom soda blasted to remove the existing coatings and get down to the gel coat. There were blisters revealed and we needed to protect the fiberglass from water intrusion with a barrier coating. There are a number of options on the market for this. I chose to use a product that I have used… Read More »

Let’s take a Shower

I have had the shower prepped and ready for tile for quite awhile (over a year maybe 2) and since I haven’t done a lot of tile work I kept putting it off. Susan and I decided to bring in a pro. What a great decision. Check out these pictures…. The Handheld Shower head will be changed as… Read More »

Bottom repairs and another coat of primer on the hull

We put our house on the market about 2 1/2 weeks ago so another bunch of weekends were lost doing spring cleaning and painting. The place looks great and we are hoping for a good result. Now we have family visiting but I was able to get a good day in Sunday. I was able to glass a… Read More »

Washing machine and dryer install

One thing that’s nice to have in your home is a washer and dryer. Running to the Laundromat is not my idea of fun. Susan does the laundry and she had said that she wouldn’t mind running the clothes out and back but I hoped we could find a way to install something onboard.
We settled on the Splendide 2100XC. This is a combo unit that vents to the outside and runs on 120 volt AC. Now granted it’s …

The Trim mission accomplished.

It’s been so wicked nice to be able to work on the boat the last few weekends. It really feels like I’m making some progress. Especially because so much of what I do now is finish work.
Here are some photos for you.
So fine! …

Puttin’ Up Some Trim

OMG! We finally had a weekend where the temps were above freezing, my house projects were done and my heart was not giving me any trouble so I actually got some work done on the houseboat. Yay! On Saturday I was able to get some nice -1/2″ x 8″ x 12′ #2 pine from the lumber yard. I opened up the workshop and set up the tablesaw between the piles of snow to do some ripping….

Using the original Slider in a new way

I’ve tried to reuse as much of the original boat as possible to save money and to reduce the amount of waste. Sometimes it has worked (original windows are used for the most part) but not everything could be saved.
I have been hanging on to the original sliding door and the fixed panel that was part of the sliding door assembly. The aluminum frame was a mess so I removed the panels from
the frame. I installed …