End of Summer Update ~ 2013

As you can probably guess, I haven’t made a lot of progress since my last post. Updating our house for the upcoming sale has taken up a lot of my available time and another knee operation in the spring and recent return of heart issues have conspired to keep me away from the restoration.
I have made some progress and here are the latest photos.
Progress in shower: Installed mixing valve. …

Head shots

With the colder temps setting in, I’ve moved the focus to interior projects. The biggest of those being the head. We have a Dometic VacuFlush toilet that is for the most part
installed but the vanity, sink and shower are unfinished. I decided to use the Schluter-Kerdi Shower
for our shower and already have the walls and base finished with 3/4″ plywood.
The first step will be to install the drain and …

More on the Transom

I was able to get the plywood fitted and one layer of glass on the inside and outside before the cold weather set in. I decided I might as well replace the
stringers in the engine compartment as well since they also were wet. Here’s a shot of a layer of dry fiberglass mat over the new plywood before resin.
And here’s a shot after resin.

I finished the Decks & removed the Transom.

It has been a long time since I’ve been able to put in some time on our project. Susan “suggested” I do some updates on the house for a change and somehow a year has gone by and I still haven’t
finished everything we want to do. Oh yeah, I had a knee replacement last August and unfortunately the repair has not been trouble free and that put me out of commission for awhile.

But overall life is good and we are very, very lucky.

All I had left to …

2 Different Edge Details of Sani-Tred Application

I received a Comment from Steve Bishop asking me what I did for an edge detail with the Sani-Tred on the plywood that I used for my decks. He said he had used the product a couple of years ago for a
truck bed and was impressed with the way it has held up.
My understanding from the application instructions provided by Sani-Tred is first apply a prime coat of Permaflex and then when dry apply a mixture of LRB (Liquid Rubber Base) and TRV
(Thickening ActiVator) to the edge in such a way as to give …

A little bit of this and that part II

As you may or may not recall, (I can’t recall anything. That’s why I started this blog. Now I can see what the hell I did earlier), I removed 2 side windows because of changes in the interior
design. I wanted to take advantage of the wall space for a bigger head and additional wall cabinets in the galley.

Here’s a picture of the old windows and the new ones. I had them made at Bomon in Canada. I sent them a full size template that I
traced on construction paper and …

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Progress on the restoration has been spotty. I severely sprained my left ankle right before Christmas last year and it took over three months to recover. I worked mostly on the house while I was
healing, putting in an hour or two a day in a rigid cast. I went back to my job in March and continued to focus on the house on weekends.
Every once and awhile I would get out to the boat and do a little. Susan found a nice granite countertop remnant that would fit so I installed the sink and added …

Let’s build a Fresh Water Tank

I have finally managed to get some time to spend with my beloved mistress and I decided to tackle the building of a fresh water tank. The original tank was aluminum and was placed on one side of
the mechanical room and it really took up a lot of space and it seemed to Zach and I that a tank in the bilge would be perfect.
    He suggested getting one custom made out of plastic and I was going to go that route until I thought to give a phone call to the people at

Houseboat Magazine article is in the September Issue

Susan’s article is in the September issue which should be at newstands now. The link for their website is http://www.houseboatmagazine.com .
We made a special video for them as well and you can view it right here.

Midsummer update from the “Land of No Progress”

Greetings from Captain Wado to the millions of you who following this gripping tale of stuggle, hardship, misery, obsession, and love.
I’m sure that since it has been months since my last update, the rumours have been flying about what new crisis may have interfered with the already snail-paced progress of this historic
Is it his heart???? Is it lack of motivation??? Could it be lack of capital???