Making Smaller Window Openings

The original design of the port side at galley level had a very small head and a full size refrigerator as seen in the picture below.

Check out the Beadboard Baby!

A few years ago I built a sunroom and we finished the walls with painted beadboard. Susan and I both love the feel of the room and when we talked about what the interior of the boat should look
like we both felt that the beadboard would be a winner so after looking at different options like full 3/4″ thick board (costly and heavy) and a plastic product called Azek ( (very costly but lightweight and waterproof) we decided to try a product we found at Lowes that is a real
pine board but only 5/16″ thick and 3″ wide …

Where does the time went?

Well my friends I must say that much time has certainly “went” by since my last post. (The expression, “where does the time went?”, is what our first landlady Mrs. Letender used to
say when Susan and I were first married and we moved to her building in Biddeford Maine. She was a crabby old French lady who loved to complain. Her English was amusing to say the

Since my last post I’ve had a computer hard drive failure and lost a bunch of my pictures and plans for the boat.
I was told to stop working on the boat by my family doctor when …

“They didn’t do you any favors…”

“They didn’t do you any favors…” That’s what a very experienced window technician from Portland Glass Company told me upon inspecting the window I brought in to get some advice

The good news is that the rubber stripping that the windows slide in is still available and I can buy it in 12′ strips and replace the existing dried up and cracked stripping. The bad news is
that many of the windows have been sealed with caulking and who knows what all and it’s going to be a major pain to clean out the old material.

Here’s a shot of the window …

Happy New Year 2008 Update (Part II)

Check out the new ceilings my friends !!! I am so happy to finally be doing some finish work. Up until this time everything has been structural and rot repair. All very important but
none of it shows. With the ceilings I’m able to combine structural enhancements with finish work because I am adding 1″x 6″ Oak joists to the existing 2″x 4″ pieces to beef them up. We plan on
spending a lot of time on the exterior decks above the cabins and I didn’t feel the existing design was sufficient as evidenced by the way the old rooftop …

Happy New Year 2008 Update (Part 1)

I hope that the new year is going well for all. Susan and I had a very nice and much needed holiday break between Christmas and New Year’s and I was able to get some time in on the project. It’s been cold but even with cloudy days and temps in the teens it is very comfortable working in the boat with a portable radiant propane heater.

Thanksgiving Day 2007 Update

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!! I am truly thankful for so many wonderful things such as my life long partner Susan and our wonderful relationship. But since this is a boat building story
let me tell you how happy it makes me to work on this project. It has been a dream of mine for so long to be able to own a boat that would allow us enough comfort to live aboard and explore. And the
actual process of tearing this boat apart and rebuilding it is a true joy for me. I love standing back at the …

Tearing out the Main Salon!

Considering the conditions we found in the rear of the boat when we exposed the framing, it seemed logical that the framing in the front of the boat would be in a similar condition. As I
mentioned before the seam between the catwalk and the house was not fiberglassed. It was sealed only with caulking. As a result there has been leakage and as we all know wood does not hold up well
when it is wet.

So in order to expose the framing I need to remove the entire salon floor but I don’t mind because it will make it …

A little more progress !

I left off with shots of the rear deck and bulkhead and have since that time have closed in the back wall that used to be all window with plywood that will be glassed on the exterior.

Here’s a shot of the original design followed by one as it is now.

Rebuilding has begun!

Ahh summertime and the living is crazy!!! Of course this time
of year is busy for everyone and with work and family it’s been
hard to find free time to work on the beast but I have made some
progress worth sharing.
I apologize the updates have not been more frequent.

I left off with lots of pictures of the rear bulkhead condition and
ceiling framing and I’ve primarily been working on repairing the
rear bulkhead, rear deck and the support for the house and exterior
side walkways. As it turns out we discovered that the seam between
the house and the …