Happy New Year 2008 Update (Part 1)

I hope that the new year is going well for all. Susan and I had a very nice and much needed holiday break between Christmas and New Year’s and I was able to get some time in on the project. It’s been cold but even with cloudy days and temps in the teens it is very comfortable working in the boat with a portable radiant propane heater.

Thanksgiving Day 2007 Update

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!! I am truly thankful for so many wonderful things such as my life long partner Susan and our wonderful relationship. But since this is a boat building story
let me tell you how happy it makes me to work on this project. It has been a dream of mine for so long to be able to own a boat that would allow us enough comfort to live aboard and explore. And the
actual process of tearing this boat apart and rebuilding it is a true joy for me. I love standing back at the …

Tearing out the Main Salon!

Considering the conditions we found in the rear of the boat when we exposed the framing, it seemed logical that the framing in the front of the boat would be in a similar condition. As I
mentioned before the seam between the catwalk and the house was not fiberglassed. It was sealed only with caulking. As a result there has been leakage and as we all know wood does not hold up well
when it is wet.

So in order to expose the framing I need to remove the entire salon floor but I don’t mind because it will make it …

A little more progress !

I left off with shots of the rear deck and bulkhead and have since that time have closed in the back wall that used to be all window with plywood that will be glassed on the exterior.

Here’s a shot of the original design followed by one as it is now.

Rebuilding has begun!

Ahh summertime and the living is crazy!!! Of course this time
of year is busy for everyone and with work and family it’s been
hard to find free time to work on the beast but I have made some
progress worth sharing.
I apologize the updates have not been more frequent.

I left off with lots of pictures of the rear bulkhead condition and
ceiling framing and I’ve primarily been working on repairing the
rear bulkhead, rear deck and the support for the house and exterior
side walkways. As it turns out we discovered that the seam between
the house and the …

The gutting is progressing! More Pictures

This part of a restoration is fascinating forensic detective work because as you uncover more of the decking and structural frame you get to see where the fiberglass house and deck are allowing water to seep in….

The gutting begins!!!

I’ve got my crowbar, flat bar, cats paw, hammer, sledge hammer, wire cutters, gloves and goggles and I am ready to start the gutting! Man I have been dying to get in there and start tearing out the musty old carpeting and dark paneling so I can see what terrors await me underneath….

Removing the Engines – Chapter II

Since the last posting I posted a plea for help on the Houseboatmagazine.com forum and got great feedback from some of the board members there and also from David up in Montreal about how to deal with the corroded bolts. It was suggested to try special sockets which are designed to deal with worn heads. …

Removing the Engines – Chapter 1

Today is Wednesday 12/27/06. After reading the engine removal instructions last night in the Volvo/Penta tune-up and repair manual that we found on the boat, I felt confident that I could handle the job. I got my little workbench and tools set up with the manual next to the sterndrives…

Video Of Roadtrip Is Posted

I’ve posted the video of the pickup and delivery of the boat from Silver Sands Marina in Gilford NH to our backyard. Go to this link to view it.Musbenice.com …